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  • Process
    • Solutions for equipment processes
      • Sharpening
      • Shaking, mixing, kneading
      • Grinding / slicing / cutting
      • Pulverising
      • Separating / deviating / dividing / splitting
      • Dosing / weighing
      • Assembling / compressing / grouping / screw pressing
      • Thermal transformation
      • Exchanging
      • Extracting / extruding / injecting
      • Fermenting / maturating / stabilising
      • Cleaning / industrial cleaning
      • Large-size mechanical engineering
      • Welding / sheet metal working / forming
      • Sorting / screening
      • Transporting / conveying / moving
      • Refining
      • Vacuum packing
    • Services
      • Industrial cold production
      • Cleaning solutions
      • General and precision mechanical equipment / laser cutting
      • Welding / sheet metal working
      • Designing / constructing / plant maintenance / engineering
      • Modular construction
      • Energy suppliers and consultancies
    • Equipment for factories
      • Aeraulics, heating, refrigeration (equipment)
      • Coatings (floor - wall - ceiling)
      • Lockers / changing rooms
      • Boilers
      • Boilerwork and pipework
      • Air conditioning & ventilation
      • Production and treatment of energy and fluids
      • Industrial doors
      • Security and range protection systems
    • Accessories and components for processing machines
      • Nozzles
      • Pumps
      • Sensors
      • Lubricants
      • Motors / gearboxes / variators
      • Cutting tools
      • Dosing pistons
      • Fittings and hoses
      • Moulds
      • Taps
      • Industrial belts
      • Metal detectors
      • Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment
      • Control and vision
      • Industrial vibrators
  • Packaging
    • Materials, supplies & sheets for packaging
      • Steel
      • Gas
      • Cover materials (leather, furs, textiles, shagreen ...)
      • Papers
      • Plastics: soft and rigid sheets
      • Varnish
      • Aluminium
      • Organic materials / biopolymers
      • Wood
      • Compact / flat cardboard
      • Corrugated cardboard
      • Glues
      • Cuts
      • Inks
    • Packaging and containers
      • Absorbers
      • Big bags
      • Blister packs
      • Coils, spools, drums
      • Jars
      • Boxes
      • Cases
      • Caps
      • Bottles
      • Box pallets
      • Cartons
      • Aerosols
      • Cases
      • Wedging
      • Canisters
      • Racks
      • Clips
      • Caskets / cases / chests
      • Containers
      • Angle irons
      • Cups
      • Lids / capsules / covers
      • Vials / syringes
      • Dehydrating agents
      • Distributors of bulk products
      • Labels
      • Cases
      • Closures
      • Strips / straps
      • Strings
      • Flasks
      • Barrels
      • Sleeves
      • Plates
      • Tumblers
      • Container for bulk materials
      • Covers
      • Indicators
      • Inserts
      • Seals
      • Links
      • Sleeves
      • Multipacks
      • Caps
      • Handling bins
      • Pallets
      • Baskets / bins
      • Ready-to-sell
      • Pill boxes
      • Trays
      • Plv
      • Bags (for iv)
      • Pockets / envelopes
      • Handles
      • Pumps
      • Bag in box
      • Pots
      • Preformed (bottles)
      • Binding
      • Packets
      • Bags
      • Buckets
      • Sticks
      • Barrels / kegs
      • Tubes
      • Mini-suitcases / attachÉ cases
      • Adhesive tapes
      • Valves
      • Spray cans
      • Trays
      • Cans / cylinders / jerrycans
    • Processing & packaging machines, transformation and manufacturing of packaging
      • Second-hand machinery for packing and conditioning
      • Measurement, control and maintenance systems for processes, packing and conditioning
      • Waste treatment and recycling
      • Machines for packaging products in containers
      • Machines for packaging products in containers
      • Machines for preparing containers
      • Machines for manufacturing containers and packaging
      • Machines for presentation and secondary packagings
      • Machines for transforming packaging materials
      • Machines and equipment for food processing
      • Machines and equipment for processing of non-foods
    • Service providers, packaging-related activities
    • Accessories and components for packaging machines
    • Service providers, packaging-related activities
      • Accessories and presentation equipment
      • Die-makers
      • Press, publishing, online media, packaging exhibition
      • Safety, ergonomics
      • Environmental solutions, sustainable development for packaging
      • Professional associations, organisations and unions
      • Customised packaging
      • Packaging consultants and r&d
      • Design and graphics in packaging
      • Packaging schools and training centres
      • Computers and software for packaging
      • Renting and leasing of packing equipment
      • Mounting assistance, maintenance, and support for packaging equipment
    • Printing solutions, equipment & supplies
      • Printing supplies
      • Inks, varnishes, pigments, colours
      • Equipment for additive manufacturing
      • Equipment for printing packages and labels
      • Printing materials for packaging and labels
  • Logistics
    • Continuous handling and automation systems
      • Components for handling systems and machinery
      • Wrappers / winding / unwinding / fillers / adding to a pallet / removing from a pallet
      • Handlers, robots, agv
      • Automated calibration, sorting, and positioning systems
      • Mechanical handling
      • Gantry crane
    • Logistic services & information systems, other services
      • Consultants, studies, service, and training in logistics
      • Hardware and software for logistics, embedded computing, solutions, and identification equipment
      • Engineering logistics
      • Renting logistics and handling equipment
      • Assembly, maintenance, and repair for handling / logistics
      • Provision of logistics services
    • Storage & warehouse equipment
      • Containers, vats, pallets, boxes, and platforms
      • Warehouse and workshop equipment
      • Safety of equipment and persons
      • Bulk storage solutions
      • Weight-based storage solutions
      • Fixed storage (storage platforms, shelving, cabinets and storage units)
      • Mobile, rotating, and dynamic storage
    • Lifting, trolleys
      • Self-propelling vehicles with on-board driver
      • Lifting tables, platforms, levelling equipment
      • Pallet trucks and stacking trucks
      • Manual trolleys, wheels, and casters
      • Self-driving trolleys, tractors, and trailers
      • Components and accessories for trolleys
      • Equipment / accessories for lifting, securing, and safety
      • Manual lifting
      • Motorised lifting of light and semi-light loads
      • Handlers
      • Bridge cranes and gantries
  • Recycling
    • Treatment of packaging waste
      • Equipment, materials, products
      • Management of packaging waste
      • Recyclers
      • Consulting firm, consultant
    • Materials
      • Recyclable materials
      • Recycled materials

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Hall/Stand: 6 - F67

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Baskets and molds in untreated poplar wood, for cooking in a traditional oven up to 220 ° and microwave. Ideal for cooking and presenting culinary preparations. Available in 5 references, this range is made from wood from sustainably managed poplar groves and produced in France, Nouvelle Aquitaine.

Product name
3 zone cooker

Hall/Stand: 6 - B75

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Custom-made appliance equipped with 3 tilting baskets for cooking, scalding and cooling products such as pasta, rice, vegetables, meat, fish and shellfish. Agitation either by mechanized shovel or by bubbling or with a mixing pump for each zone. Control of the whole by operator terminal.

Product name
A 100% ARP’s palettizer

Hall/Stand: 6 - H91

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A 4/5 axes robot that creates groups of products required for the palletizer robot picking. A secured working enclosure with a high visibility that allows an ergonomic and easy access with a permanent safety. Finally, a palletizer robot that in one operation, takes a products layer, conform it, takes a carboard separator and place them all on the pallet. Systematic repositionning of the inferior layer and of the one in progress.

Product name
Agri-food conveyor

Company: BENNE
Hall/Stand: 6 - A20.B19

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Our food processing conveyor is made of stainless steel and food grade plastic. The food industry needs equipment that is easy to use and easy to clean. Equipment in contact with food must be disinfected between each production run. Our food conveyor is very open to allow efficient cleaning with a foam gun. We have built it so that there are no water retention areas and liquids can drain away quickly.

Product name

Hall/Stand: 6 - F26.G25

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AISLE MASTER’s range of material handling machines are made specifically to help create a safer, faster-operating warehouse. We can offer lifts up to heights up to 15m, offers VNA operation in aisle-widths of just 1.6m and has impressive load/lift capacity of up to 2.5t, increasing warehouse storage by 50% and lowering costs. We offer a free, and without obligation, warehouse planning service which can dramatically increase your storage capacity.

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Hall/Stand: 6 - F67


Design and production of lightweight poplar wood and poplar plywood packaging. Fields of expertise: all sectors of activity, Agribusiness, Horticulture, Garden centers, cheese production, fruits, vegetables, Butter, Chocolates,


Hall/Stand: 6 - B75

Pays de la Loire

CUSTOMIZED PROCESS SOLUTIONS TECH-PROCESS French manufacturer and installer of equipment for the food industry, designs, develops and manufactures machines adapted to the needs of its customers by relying on a dedicated design office team and a manufacturing workshop. Our expertise in the field of design-manufacture of tailor-made equipment allows us to offer a turnkey offer from the development of specifications to the commissioning phase on the customer's site. Our businesses: Engineering, boiler making, industrial piping, industrial electricity, pneumatics and hydraulics, industrial automation and IT.


Hall/Stand: 6 - H91

Centre-Val de Loire

ARP develops and manufactures compact equipments for end of line, with sequential operations, combining in a small space, functions of overwrapping, case forming and case packing and this for all kind of container, up to 80 000 products/hour. For several years, ARP met the specific requirements of its customers and help them to reach their goals in terms of productivity and marketing. Multiple ARP’s solutions have been implemented in agri-food SME and international groups. Involved in many European countries, ARP has already offered solutions in Canada and in United States, Following this line, the company shows its innovations in different trade fairs in France or in the world.


Hall/Stand: 6 - A20.B19


BENNE SA, a family-owned industrial company established in Castres since 1919. Thanks to the know-how of our engineers and technicians, and to the advanced technologies used, we are able to adapt to the needs of our customers to provide complete solutions in the field of conveyors, conveyor belts, sheet metal work and robotics. Since 1985, we have specialised in the manufacture of customised conveyors for all French industries (food processing, pharmaceutical, waste management, bottling, etc.). BENNE SA has built its development on the south of the country but has reinforced its presence over the last few years throughout the country, starting with the north-western quarter, a region rich in food industries.


Hall/Stand: 6 - F26.G25



Combilift manufactures a wide range of customised 4-way forklifts and other innovative handling solutions for the safe and space saving handling of long and awkward loads, pallets and containers. Versatile indoor/ outdoor operation improves efficiency and productivity. Lift capacities from 1.5T to 100t and various power options are available.