Re-use Packaging Line

Prod&Pack has dedicated a thematic area to provide concrete answers related to reusable packaging.

Industrial visitors were able to discover a 600 m² production line combining fifteen equipment manufacturers and advanced technologies and bringing together all the links in the chain: containers, filling, packaging, consumer sales, washing station, automated return and storage...

Reuse in action with a production line in operation on 600m²

Hall 6 Stand E112.J113

Plastic container

Knauf Industries designs and manufactures protective and display packaging, insulated packaging, as well as light handling solutions for industry. Knauf Industries is recognized for its expertise in thermoformed, injected or molded plastic packaging.
We meet food safety requirements by serving the meat products, delicatessen & ready meals, dairy and seafood markets.
In addition to its standard packaging, Knauf Industries develops tailor-made and customizable packaging. Finally, our packaging is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

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Domino SAS, specialist in industrial marking and traceability, offers high-performance coding solutions through proven technologies such as inkjet, laser, thermal transfer and label printing.
- More sustainable and responsible solutions
- Ever greener inks
- Innovative technologies for industry 4.0

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Glass container and sales displays

Uzaje offers solutions allowing professionals to make the transition between disposable and reusing containers. Our expertise revolves around 2 activities: industrial washing of containers of all types and support for stakeholders in setting up reuse solutions adapted to their needs.
Our solutions are aimed at the commercial catering, collective catering, food industry and distribution sectors.

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Plastic crate

Pandobac offers reusable packaging solutions to replace single-use packaging. The service includes the rental or sale of reusable containers, their washing and their monitoring via an application.

Hall 6 Stand A10.B9

Mobile robot transfers

STILL, manufacturer of forklifts (from electric pallet trucks to high lift systems) provides complete product and service solutions for the flow of goods and also offers automation solutions. Recognized for its Intralogistic know-how, STILL provides specific solutions with products (trolleys, pallet trucks, stackers, etc.), support solutions (software to aid warehouse optimization, management, etc. ) and services (maintenance, intervention, reporting, etc.)
Thanks to its strong capacity for innovation, STILL is recognized for the design and ergonomics of its products and has received numerous awards in this field.

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PROMALYON is a leader in robotic palletizing-depalletizing solutions and automated end-of-line solutions.
Whether you are an agri-food, logistics, packaging, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry or other industry, we are continually developing innovative solutions for each sector of activity that take into account your constraints (sectoral, environmental, regulatory).
Aware of the challenges of tomorrow and the requirements of Industry 4.0, we are working to make our solutions ever more innovative, connected and predictive, in order to offer:
- ever more ergonomic and easy-to-access control of our lines
- predictive and supervised maintenance
- lines connected to your factory supervision and centralized quality / performance control tools

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Washing unit

MT Systems is present in France & International, via "giga-factories" for the industrial washing of secondary and tertiary packaging (boxes, bins, buckets, pallets, dollys, hoppers ...), and currently under development of a regional network of "micro-factories" for industrial washing of packaging / primary containers (bottles, jars, jars, tupperware, bowls ...).
With + 1,200 employees and 100 m² of annual turnover worldwide, MT Systems is a leader in industrial washing of reusable containers and intends to accelerate its development in order to support the circular economy and reduce single use in French consumption.

Hall 6 Stand H110.J111

Pallet transfer by AGV

For three decades, we have specialized in the creation of robotic solutions for handling, packaging and palletizing products.
Our high speed solutions for industry:
production flow management (Guelt conveying and transfer, mobile robotics)
- dosage (Fillpack)
- primary packaging (Guelt sealing & thermoforming)
- dedicated wine solutions
- know-how in cannery
- vision
- cardboard forming (Méca-System)
- end of line (Guelt)
- palletization
- cobotic
- engineering of complete automated lines

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Bag of biscuits

Our approach consists of reducing the impact of the agri-food industries by collecting, processing and recycling by-products from different productions into functional ingredients, 100% biobased and participating in the circular economy.

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Metal container

Berny designs reusable packaging for food industry manufacturers and large-scale retailers and operates the logistics collection and washing service which allows their reuse.
Reusable, which means that instead of being destroyed, lost or recycled, the packaging is washed and reused for the same use for which it was designed.
The Berny offer
1. A range of stainless steel containers designed to meet industrial constraints
2. A locker managed via a mobile application
3. A washing service operated for you

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Modular conveyor and workstation

Faber is a designer and manufacturer of conveying equipment based on plastic chains and belts, and plastic components for packaging machines.

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Sealdair brings together packaging materials, equipment, services, and automation to provide essential protection for products and people. Sealdair partners with customers to unlock growth, reduce waste and keep people safe. Sealdair invests in bold ideas that will lead the packaging industry towards a more sustainable future.

Hall 6 Stand G54.H53

Packaging line

Since 1961, we have been designing and developing packaging products and services and innovating to provide solutions that meet the needs and expectations of our customers. What sets us apart is our rich catalog), which incorporates the latest cutting-edge technologies, friendly and flexible service and our ability to provide turnkey solutions.

Hall 6 Stand D108

Plastic case packer

Since 1992, JYGA has been designing packaging machines in the food industry, cosmetics-hygiene and health. Thanks to more than 25 years of experience, JYGA provides high-performance, reliable and robust end-of-line solutions for "turnkey" projects. Its know-how revolves around the manufacture of packaging machines (wrap or American box), palletizing and robotic loading. These installations, mechanized or robotic, are able to handle a wide range of products such as cases, trays, jars, doypack, flowpack, flask / bottle, bag / pouch, cardboard or bare product. Established in the West of France, JYGA today brings together 40 employees from pre-sales to commissioning, including studies (mechanics and automation).

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AGV palette

MARCEAU is a French manufacturer in intralogistics. Recognized for its range of continuous handling equipment for palletized loads, MARCEAU derives its know-how from its experience (more than 3,500 projects) and the multiple skills of its employees. With two design offices, mechanics and automation, MARCEAU is constantly evolving in order to meet the handling needs of its customers in the agrifood, logistics, pharmaceuticals, industry and mass distribution sectors.