Prod&Pack 2025 - Lyon November 18-19-20, 2025 - Hall 6 - Eurexpo Lyon

Operational Excellence

Combining industrial performance and employee well-being

More than ever under strong economic pressure, and even as recruitment difficulties increase, production tools must constantly optimize their operational performance. Meeting the challenge of productivity requires rethinking its flows, its methods of supervision, steering and management. Which organizations are sources of both competitiveness and improved peace of mind at work? With the key to gains in terms of industrial performance but also attractiveness and employee loyalty. And what are the contributions of innovative solutions, digital and cobotics?

To answer this, expertise and feedback are on the agenda for the morning "Operational Excellence: combining industrial performance and employee well-being" on Thursday, November 23 on Prod&Pack.

Discovering talent: Production careers are exciting!

As part of the show, SECIMEP and its members will be present in a space dedicated to the promotion of professions and the recruitment of talent.

Today, the SECIMEP, Professional union of international companies of packaging and production machinery, wishes on the occasion of this high point, to strengthen the visibility of the sector and attract talents, in particular in the trades of itinerant technicians and itinerant salespeople.

An overview of production jobs

Secimep has chosen to introduce all young people and people looking for a professional future to the sectors of activity and trades in the packaging and production machinery sector through an escape game. This game will allow players to independently discover the Secimep member companies present at the show through a questionnaire. A daily draw will be organized on the Espace Secimep throughout the duration of the show and many prizes will be up for grabs!

Job offers proposed by SECIMEP members will be available to visitors on the SECIMEP space as well as job descriptions.

The SECIMEP will offer schools a guided tour, in groups of 10 people, to discover companies and professions through testimonials.

A morning of dedicated conferences

More than ever under economic pressure, and at a time when recruitment difficulties are increasing, production tools must be constantly optimising their operational performance. Meeting the productivity challenge means rethinking workflows, supervision, and management methods. To provide all the information you need, speakers will be sharing their experience and feedback during the morning conference on Thursday 23 November.