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Prod&Pack is the new exhibition for the transitions in the ecosystem of packaged products

Prod&Pack is the only event for industrial sectors that has offered you support targeting the packaging transition.

The exhibition presented you with a comprehensive range of innovative products and services through four main areas:

Process, Packaging, Logistics and Recycling.

With 600 exhibitors and in a friendly environment, Prod&Pack has facilitated your business-generating contacts.

Identify the best practices in terms of expertise and solutions, new technologies and services related to all aspects of product manufacturing, packaging, and end-of-life management: recycling, reuse...
Visit us to quickly and effectively source new products, identify the latest trends, and discover new products and new suppliers.

Prod&Pack has supported you to produce more in line with the environmental expectations and challenges of the 21st century!

Prod&Pack boosts your company's performance and value!

Take advantage of

this unique opportunity to network with the key players involved in creating the packaging of the future.


your network of partners and your business, and consolidate your supplier relationships in a friendly atmosphere.


the best investment opportunities in the top manufacturing region of France.

Take advantage of

unrivalled expertise to better support you through the transitions facing the packaged product ecosystem.


future trends by discovering the latest products at the exhibition.


the thematic areas to learn about and test products in practical ways.

A wide range of exhibitors

600 exhibitors from 4 sectors.

Visitors testimonials

Cédric Rousselet,
Marketing Manager

"I consider Europack Euromanut Cfia an all-in-one tool that provides me with everything from A to Z for the products I manage. As for the new Prod&Pack exhibition, I am particularly interested in how the product's end of life (recycling and reuse) is included. That has been a growing concern among our customers and it is an issue that absolutely has to be taken into account."

"I am very happy with how the exhibition is focusing on this ecosystem: Process, Packaging, Logistics, and Recycling. It would also be good to highlight and promote alternative / sustainable packaging solutions."

Mathieu Lainé,
Methods Manager

Fabrice Yvorel,
Production and Sales Manager
Ateliers Bellevue ESAT

"We fully support the exhibition's evolution!"

"I am 100% in favour of the exhibition's expansion into the packaged product ecosystem. Packaging is covered by the four hubs listed: Process, Packaging, Logistics, and Recycling."

Henri Demontrond,
Group Packaging Manager