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Christophe Chatelier (JYGA): "A double interest" for the Re-Use Packaging Line

May 23, 2023 at 4:07PM


Already present in 2021, JYGA will once again be taking part in the Re-Use Packaging Line on November 21-22-23, as part of the second edition of the Prod&Pack trade show in Lyon.
The company's sales manager, Christophe Chatelier, explains the reasons for this, and looks back on the show's flagship event, built around a theme that is more topical than ever for all industrial sectors: reuse.

Christophe, tell us about JYGA...

We design packaging lines for the food and other industries. The company, based in the Nantes region, employs 45 people and specializes in case packing and palletizing.

You'll be exhibiting on the Re-Use Packaging Line at Prod&Pack 2023. What will you be presenting?

We'll be focusing on our core business, which is case packing, by showcasing a case packing island for boxes made of either stainless steel or cardboard. This small, very compact loading island will pick up individual trays and place them in a plastic case. It is designed for relatively low speeds, and will therefore appeal to manufacturers who need automation but not high speeds.


"For the customer, there's a real technological interest".

For an industrial visitor to Prod&Pack 2023, the Re-Use Packaging Line is also a way of discovering several machines in one place, which, combined, form a real line in operation...

That's right. It's a line in operation with industrial machines that can be put to work directly on the customer's premises. It's also an opportunity for visitors to talk to technical professionals who are highly skilled in their fields, and in the space of a few steps to touch people who do conveying, labeling, thermoforming... It's also interesting to understand how a line like this works, integrating several pieces of equipment that are real pieces of equipment. For the customer, there's a real technological interest.
There are also "pure" re-use solutions with a lot of packaging. It's not just the machine that's involved, but also packaging principles. In this case, there will be two on the line: a reusable system of sealed stainless steel trays, and reusable semi-cartonized trays. There's a double attraction: seeing the machines and seeing the containers.

And that's what Prod&Pack is all about: getting to grips with the subject of packaging and reuse, while at the same time offering a wide range of machines in operation...

Absolutely. There are visuals, something attractive, but also real interesting content, both on the packaging side and on the machine side.

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