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Sylvie Algarra : Re-Use Packaging Line

Concrete demonstration of solutions targeting re-use

July 19, 2023 at 8:54AM


As we all know, the best waste is the waste we don't produce! Reuse is the most virtuous operation in a packaging's life cycle. But how can manufacturers integrate a new reusable packaging system into an existing single-use packaging production line? There are alternatives! Proof of this is provided by this demonstration, at the heart of the show, of a production line that can accommodate a single-use packaging system, and that can be upgraded to work with a reusable packaging system, without disrupting the entire production organization.

Organized in partnership with 2WIN'MARKETS, this 600 m2 event features a full-scale demonstration of automated packaging, with the participation of some twenty suppliers covering all the functions of a packaging line. The main players in the field of reuse will be on hand to present operational solutions for packaging, post-use collection, washing and reintroduction of reusable packaging onto the line; as for products packaged in single-use packaging, they will be offered to visitors!

"The ʺRe-Use Packaging Lineʺ objective: to advance its production tool and produce better, starting today!"
Sylvie Algarra, Expert in industrial robotics and coordinator of "Re-Use Packaging Line" 2WIN'MARKETS

As previous editions of this event have been a resounding success with visitors and exhibitors alike, Sylvie Algarra, an expert in industrial robotics, saw it as an obvious choice to coordinate this year's new concept dedicated to reuse. This led to the creation of the first agile, "hybrid" line (Disposable/Re-usable), which adapts to existing packaging lines to meet the requirements of the AGEC law: "5% reuse by the end of 2023, 10% by 2025, end of single use by 2040! From an industrial point of view, it's not feasible to double the size of existing equipment while this transformation is taking place. So it's imperative that equipment be able to adapt to these changes!How did you come up with this project?
When automating and robotizing a packaging line, it's essential to take into account all the packaging involved in the production cycle, and to work hand-in-hand on packaging/production machine co-design, to simplify and improve processes and cut costs. If, on the one hand, cardboard and paper are making a comeback as replacements for non-recyclable plastic primary packaging, it is clearly not opposed that reusable plastic bins, supplied as a service for the transport of manufactured products, are positioned to replace the tons of cardboard used for transport from the place of production to distribution or consumption centers, even if the latter end their life in recycled cardboard pulp... On the other hand, re-usability also means cleaning, so for the cycle to be complete, we thought we'd also present the processing of re-usable containers returned to the washing tunnel.

This animation is massively supported by the official publication of the results of a major study commissioned by the French government, and the formalization of texts and standards for reusable packaging. The floor is given to numerous players in the field of reuse, right next to the Re-Use Packaging Line animation area and coordinated by CITEO; it's up to us to provide industrial visitors with a spotlight in unison on two complementary but inseparable professions: packaging and packaging machines!

What are the benefits of such an event for manufacturers?
The solutions implemented by 18 suppliers and presented on the "Re-Use Packaging Line" are intended to showcase the latest innovations in their specialties, function by function, but they must also be those that are being marketed today: Advance your production tool and produce better today! This animation also provides tips on how to carry out an automation or robotics project in your company. Not only does it help to "democratize" the use of automated and robotized solutions, but it also welcomes - and, I hope, motivates - new resources in these industrial machine, automation and robotization professions, which are sorely needed today to develop our businesses.

In short, reality, pragmatism, solutions adapted to each need, each production environment, in line with Industry 4.0, these are the issues that I prioritize as always in my business of supporting industrial production companies in their automation and robotization projects.

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Sylvie Algarra, 2WIN'MARKETS - Automation and Robotisation Project Support

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